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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Golden Globes preview

At the end of the year Hollywood likes to take a second to congratulate them selves on all the formulaic and over budget films they managed to create, by hosting as many formulaic and overdone award shows as they can.

While these shows range from the very specific (read as dull) to the overly glamorized (read as the same Oscars you saw last year) they always provide a great base for water cooler gossip.
This seasons nominations for the Golden Globes have already come out and most all of their choices are terrible. I could hardly make it thought the ballot, without gagging at how strange some of the selections were.

I mean come on, tell me they didn’t put this summer’s wildly popular comedy “The Hangover” solely to look cutting edge and hopefully get a few younger viewers. The film is hilarious in parts and will find some cult status, but to consider it one of the top comedies of the year is ridiculous.
Further down the list you get not one but two nods for Sandra Bullock, one for the “Proposal” a film best known for being a complete rehash of every other romantic comedy and “The Blindside” which the studio is trying to pitch as “Remember the Titans.” While “Blindside” is getting some great reviews, it's hard for me to picture a scenario where a film that has Bullock mugging for laughs with Ryan Reynolds could be taken seriously.

This list does get some picks right, nominating the sleeper hit “The Hurt locker” for a number awards is spot on. And, Christoph Waltz’s turn as a Nazi SS leader in “Inglourious Basterds” was one of the best this summer.

Despite these short comings the show will undoubtedly be entertaining, as British comedian Ricky Gervais hosts this years version. Gervais, who made his name on both the UK's version of "The Office" and the Emmey award winning "Extras" which are both wildly popular despite being off air currently.


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