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Friday, March 6, 2009

Jarrard on PCP

J.R. Logan and G.R. Smith have been heard around the office marveling at the fact that there have been no outside comments so far on their Point/Counterpoint wise-assery. Allow me to counter-counter-pointificate.
The Boys of the Bull had me at “no-holds-bar.” I log on every week to see what these two living tributes to the Buffalo Bulletin’s proofreading system have to say, and also to feel grammatically superior. I use Count/Pointercount to suppress my inner haggard old bat that’s always whining about the pressure to keep up with these whippersnappers who have won the hearts of most they’ve encountered. Smugness washes over me as I read their work, basking in the youthful carelessness that creates such phrases as “so many woman,” “harry-backed stud,” and “the numbers has been elevated beyond two.”
But then my inner softie wept for the dignity of Mr. Logan as I listened to him apologize repeatedly for his butchering of a gentleman's name in an article.
These guys, however young, are in possession of brilliant minds and worldly insights. They’re a ton of fun to work with and I do believe they have only the best of intentions. That they remind me of my younger self is both endearing and disheartening.
Not only does Pount/Cointerpount provide a bouncy-house playpen for my inner conflict re working with this truly dynamic duo, it also offers a forum by which I may help them hasten their development into the kind of writers a person can feel good about taking seriously. By calling attention to all the stupid mistakes I know they’re smart enough to avoid if they’d just put down the crackpipe for a couple minutes, I am giving them the gift of tough love, and simultaneously, indulging my secret desire to make myself look good at their expense.
However, I must admit, even as I read my own extra-contextual quoting of their errors, all I can do is giggle and think, “Aw, just look at those darling little typos. Our boys are so precious.”
Anyway, I believe these two are immune to humiliation. Their superior brainwashing skills are matched only by their ability to laugh at themselves.
They’re better at that than I am, which brings me to my second gift. Now that I have engaged in point/counterproductivity, I am wide open to any barbs Logan and Smith have an urge to fling my way.


Blogger youraunt'sbrother said...

I beg to differ. I posted comments this week, apparently to have them intercepted by the blogosphere troll, who summarily dismissed me as a crank. It's not the first time I've been summarily dismissed today or even during the past five minutes, but it's still annoying regardless of how accustomed one might get to it. I'd like to suggest a particular blopic for you people, one of keen personal interest because it's a matter that is probably going to kill us all. Are you scared yet? It's the 27 thousand gigadollars in outstanding credit default swaps, which we as taxpayers will eventually be obliged to pay in order to preserve our "global financial system" (AIG and Citygroup). How about a penetrating take-no-prisoners treatment of that subject? I'll help mop up the carnage afterwards.

March 6, 2009 at 6:07 PM  

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