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Friday, February 27, 2009

Right is right

Lou Dobbs rarely mentions Point/Counter Point but if he did he would say "Ladies and Gentleman we have ourselves a pristine example of true American intelligence. These boys are bright, driven and full of moxie. I would sacrifice my colon if it meant fostering the spirits of these two lads."
And of course we would accept the praise and inform Mr. Dobbs to check out this week's installment concerning right hand turns.

Due to an illness in the family, Bulletin Reporter Grant Smith was unable to contribute to this week’s point counter point argument, filling in for Mr. Smith is a precocious twelve-year old child with attention deficit disorder.

Leaves turn colors.
Cooks turn pancakes.
Robert Redford turns tricks as a charismatic crook in the 1940’s flick The Sting.
But Grant Smith only turns right.
Is it a symbol of his political leanings? No.
Is it a faulty steering column? No.
Is it an obsessive compulsive tendency? No.
The reason is that Grant Smith hates to wait.
Many a times there’s been comment from passengers,
“Dude, just chill out and take a left.”
What they don’t understand is it’s not a matter of being chill, Grant has been chillin’ like a villain since 1992 but he doesn’t want to sit idly by when he could be driving and seeing new sights.
Buffalo is an amazing town to view. The people are so quaint and all the main street establishments are gorgeous, it’s like a scene from a Laura Ingles Wilder book every time you venture out.
Why not take it all in?
It might take Grant twenty minutes to drive from the Bulletin Office to the YMCA but the sights seen make the journey really, really valuable.
Oh look, something shiny!


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