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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And here we go....

Okay, so I was wrong in my previous post. This debate was different. Maybe some of the words and "stump speeches" were similar but certainly the tone was different. More anger, more confrontation and both came out swinging - in some cases, swinging hard. There were some very spicy moments. Both men had their blistering moments and both had their sarcastic moments. I could have done with less eye rolls or condescending laugh moments though. McCain was stronger than ever before. Obama was a bit flat and stilted - not one of his better debates. He got stronger as the night went on but the first half of the night belongs to McCain. Thank god though for the split screens! Emotions seemed to overtake McCain later in the night. He seems to get sarcastic when he gets heated. Obama tended to get a bit condescending with his slight laughs at McCain's "barbs"

I wonder where Joe the plumber is at right now? How long until the MSM gets a hold of him?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. This debate was different. I think McCain would have done a lot better in the polls after the debate if he had not made the faces. I did like the fact that they let them kind of "go at it" in this debate and didn't cut them off as quickly as they did in the last two.
I think Obama was playing it safe. He knows he is ahead in the polls and most of the studies done suggest McCain is too negative.
That said, I don't understand the undecided voters either. The candidates have distinguished themselves enough by now.

October 18, 2008 at 9:19 AM  

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